• Playgrounds

    Sketching in ZBrush for fun !!!

  • UQAT Montreal

    Teaching ZBrush at the University

  • Unreal Engine

    Tutorial scene for my students

  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

    One of the many games I worked on

  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    An unreleased environment

  • ShutterStock

    Playing with a little character I designed

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I used to work in the game industry for 13 years. Now, as a teacher*, I have time to share my experience, to have fun again and to experiment



* PhD in video game in progress


There is no tricks… Only practice, practice, practice…


Developing brand new brains…





Former video game artist and professor at UQAT (Montreal, Canada), my field of research is about video game semiotics and how can be represented a ludic structure within the environmental narration in realistic action adventure games without breaking the ludic and fictional immersion. My research is to prove that the industry is creating what I call a ludonarrative resonance (at some point like the Greimas’ isotopy and some theories about affordances) which is a semiotic ludic structure / path imbedded into the environmental narration subjected over the last decade to a strong complexification and densification phenomenon. This concept elaborates the fact that a video game environmental language is emerging and illustrates how narrativity and interactivity can coexist in this particular video game genre.


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